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“A facilitating programme with effort to encourage and motivate ORANG ASLI students of SMK ULU KINTA, IPOH.”

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Education is the essence of a development of a community, an educated community will produce a virtuous society that reflects the potential of a community and the country itself. However, we can see that the needs and rights of education are mostly ignored or denied either by ignorance or due to limited resources especially for the aboriginal community in Malaysia. Therefore, our aim as an aborigine base society in IIUM is to raise their awareness in the importance of education and pave the path for them to guide them to achieve their dreams. As the minorities among the Malaysian population, Orang asli community needs our concern to assist them in various way including education and motivation especially for children. COMRADE Club is one of the IIUM aborigine base societies that focus on outreach, spreading da’wah and social services in the aboriginal community. Aligned with our goals and missions to help develop and improve their life, we have come up with an annual program called Academic Motivational Clinic (AMC) that helps provide academic motivation and training for the children to attract their interest in education while improving their soft-skills through engaging and fun activities. AMC is a facilitating programme with effort to encourage and motivate ORANG ASLI students of SMK ULU KINTA, IPOH.

Our target students: Form 1-5 Main element: Career pathways and soft-skills enhancement.

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